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History 2403E Study Guide - Final Guide: Compass, Caravel, John Cabot

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple
Study Guide

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Exploration Goals
Expanding power through trade
Acquiring gold and spices
Religious crusade to extend Christianity
Silver and Gold
Spread Christianity
Precious metals
Northwest passage
Find Northwest passage
Henry the Navigator
Portuguese Prince who sponsored many expeditions to Africa
Prester John
A fabled ruler of a Christian kingdom in central Africa
Vasco da Gama
opened the sea route to India
first European to arrive by sea to the Indian sub continent
Hernan Cortes
Spanish explorer who arrived in Mexico
he conquered the powerful Aztec Empire
Montezuma II
The Aztec ruler who was captured and imprisoned by Hernan Cortes.
Francisco Pizarro
A Spanish Conquistador who arrived in Peru
defeated the Inca’s and executed their emperor
John Cabot:
An explorer sent by England
Cabot landed in Newfoundland and claimed it on behalf of England
Ferdinand Magellan
found a southerly route to the pacific.
An Italian explorer sent by the Spanish
sent to find a trade route to India.
Instead he discovered the Americas.
Marco Polo
An Italian merchant who went on a 24-year journey to china
Treaty of Tordesiallas
An agreement between the Spanish and Portuguese
divided the globe in half
unintentionally split part of South America allowing the Portuguese to claim
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