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History 2403E Study Guide - Final Guide: Low Countries, De Facto, Toleration

Course Code
HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple
Study Guide

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The Golden Age of the Dutch Republic
Low countries
o The Netherlands/Holland/ United Provinces
7 northern provinces
Strong municipal identity
One of the most urban areas in Europe
Independent political entities ruled by merchant oligarchies
Distinct geographical makeup
Religious toleration
o Belgium and Spanish Netherlands
10 southern provinces
o Formerly a hereditary possession of the Hapsburgs
o Resulted in creation of Dutch republic
o Impact on European society
Linked with decline in Spanish power
Huge loss of taxation revenue
Marked emergence of republican alternative to monarchies
across Europe
Centralized governments may take different forms but
are victorious (e.g. republic or monarchy).
Mark emergence of new economic power in Europe
o Begins in the 1560s
1609: De facto independence
o Philip II sends Jesuits into low countries and establishes a inquisition
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