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History 2403E Study Guide - Final Guide: Monarchy Of Sweden, Albrecht Von Wallenstein, Bohemian Revolt

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple
Study Guide

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The Thirty Years War
Bohemian Phase
o Bohemian revolt against Hapsburg rulers
Defenestration of Prague
o Fredrick V of the Palatinate accepts the crown of Bohemia
Bohemia was a former Hapsburg crown land
o Ernst Von Mansfield
Mercenary captain who kept pillaging in the fields after the
bohemian phase leading to the Danish phase
Danish Phase
o Christian IV’s army is destroyed by Maximilian of Bavaria’s army
Maximilian of Bavaria receives the palatinates electoral vote
o Albrecht Von Wallenstein
Czech noblemen who pledged his mercenary army to the Holy
Roman Emperor at his own expense
Paid for this army by plundering territories he passed through
Made no distinction between friend or foe when
occupying land (didn’t care if towns were protestant or
Wallenstein provides Ferdinand with a massive army he can
point at anyone he doesn’t like
Maximilian of Bavaria feels threatened by Wallenstein
so he must stay loyal to Ferdinand
Amasses personal fortune
Leads to other mercenary captains attempting to
emulate his strategy
Leads to mercenary captains from all over the world
coming to pillage the lands of the Holy Roman Empire
Ferdinand fires him in 1630
Other nobles complained of damage Wallenstein did to
the land
Ferdinand puts a hit on Wallenstein
Stabbed to death by Irish mercenary captain
o Edict of restitution- 1629
Outlawed Calvinism
Instilled the idea with Protestants that they have to fight to
Swedish Phase
o Gustavus Adolphus
Devoutly Lutheran
Greatest General of Early modern Era
If he survived he would have led to a protestant victory in the
Thirty Years War
Battle of Lutzen
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