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History 2403E Study Guide - Final Guide: Industrial Revolution

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HIS 2403E
Jeffrey Temple
Study Guide

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Napoleon Summary
1. The Napoleonic legend associated Napoleon with the ideas of liberty. He was
seen as a prophet who would do anything for national liberations from
traditional monarchies.
2. I disagree with the legend because any person with the power that Napoleon
did could have achieved what he did. As well the people who view Napoleon
as a prophet often overlook his failures.
3. Napoleon’s fatal flaw was his thirst for power and territory. This led him into
many battles of aggression, which bankrupt his country, as well as spun it
into political chaos.
4. The balance of power in Europe was spread out at the end of the Napoleonic
era. Russia emerged as a great force and Prussia became a powerful modern
state. Austria continued to exist as a large empire that was at risk of
fragmentation. The most powerful state to emerge from the defeat of
Napoleon was Britain. Britain had won the colonial rivalry with France and
was rewarded significantly. Britain spurred the industrial revolution
advancing its economy more then anywhere else in Europe.
5. The French population accepted Napoleon because they were fed up with
politicians from the revolution and saw Napoleon as a successful leader with
no political corruption.
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