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Final Exam Spring 2011 Review

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Western University
History 1401E
Pierre Reynard

Topic 1 Reconstruction of Western Europe Post WW2How did the reconstruction of Western Europe after the Second World War Questiondiffer from the settlements after World War 1 Intro y Treaty of Versailles established to blame Germany for WW1 y Realized it was a bad idea cause of WW2 reparations etc y Treaty lacked important powers to back it up y World War 2 was a more definite defeat fought Germans back to Berlin y Reestablish themselves y Britain wanted to gain back alliance with Germany for trade y USA more involved gave lots of money to rebuild Western Europe y More inclined to listen to USA after they gave them so much money and support y Less interventionist y Thesis The settlements after World War Two were very different than those after World War One because they were much less focused blaming an individual country Germany and more on establishing a lasting peace in Western Europe World War 1 Settlements y Unconditional surrender y Treaty of Versailles o War Guilt Cl
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