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History 1803E
Jeffery Vacante

Introduction to the History of Business and Commerce Capitalism and Its Critics y Shift away from lasissezfaire capitalism y As soon as market is structured to meet the demands of economy it fails and proves not to be the right choice y Turn to stare to not let this fail y All early problems mortality illiteracy etc State is force to step in y Supporters of capitalism are believed to be socialists and communists y Mass dislocation Mass rates of death etcleads to leads to o Drink your money away o Discuss and analyze the system of capitalismOrganize parties to change this systemRadicalization of the poor y Poor people are ignored and dealt with by the state y General anger towards to the poor because they are getting a free ride through welfare We make regulations on the people on welfareFear of people are going to get away from working and be ok y Poor laws of 1601 o Distinction of two types of reliefOutdoor y Unable to work y Handed out to people y At a parish level determined who received and who didntIndoor y Certain people of capable of work not given relief directly and go indoors to a working house y Rise of Modernity o Associated with loss of rights o Rise of state of institutions market leads to loss of tolerance for the poor o Those who refuse to work placed in institutions because they are believed to be illWorking housePrisonMental institutions y Rise of state econ technology associated with rise of povertyLabour Unions y Legalized in Canada in 1948 y Growth of unions was accelerated by public sectors becoming unionized y Right to work move o Labour unions y People want to pass legislation to aid workerso Violate natural laws
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