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History 2179 Final: General Exam Information

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History 2179
Eric Jarvis

Ethiopian War Italy vs Ethiopia Italy wanted to erase the Stain of Adowa Italy wanted to prove that they were a great country like Germany “A New Italy” Ethiopia is part of the league of legions, which provides assistance if they are ever attacked Italy wanted to expand into Africa Italy built up their army and navy Italians beat the poorly trained Ethiopian army with no support from the league The leagues response was to put an embargo on Italy, except on oil The great powers failed to support this and it eventually fell through Significance The ineffectiveness of the league of nations Didn’t support Ethiopia Was unable to maintain the embargo on Italy An increase in popularity for Mussolini for the victory Everyone thought he was great for his capital achievements Spanish Civil War Republicans vs Nationalists in Spain Nationalists caused a military uprising with the Republicans but failed, which lead to a civil war Republicans looked out to the soviet union as well as volunteers from the US and Europe for help while the nationalists looked to Mussolini and Hitler Russia sends weapons and advisors to the republicans The war was a result of political disagreements There was a victory for the Nationalists Children were evacuated Nationalists = right wing = army Republicans = left wing Significance Hitler growers closer to Mussolini Hitler used the Spanish to test out his new weapons There was a heavily reliance on the airforce and bombings A civil war turned into an international war Nazi – Soviet Pact An agreement between Germany and the Soviet Union stating that they will not go to war against each other If Germany and Russia become powerful again, Poland is in trouble as it is between the two countries Germany is planning to invade Poland and does not want Russia to attack Soviets were given land in a secret pact in order for not joining war Hitler did not want another two front war like in world war I because it severely weakened Germany The pact allowed the Soviets time to build up their army Significance Protection of Germany against a two front war Protection of the Soviets against Germany Soviets stood by and watched as Germany attacked Poland, which lead to Britain declaring war on Germany Normandy Invasion Britain, Canada, and the US invaded Normandy, France They invaded 5 different beaches Gold, Sword, Utah, Omaha, Juno Invasion was to be eventually lead to Germany where they would meet the Soviet Union The invasion began overnight with hang gliders, parachutes and massive air attacks Land forces sailed along the English coast attacking bases along the way Significance German loss is only a matter of time The allies are making significant progress on defeating the Germans Germany is slowly losing control of Europe Was the largest amphibious attack that took place Winter War Russia vs Finland Russia began the invasion of Finland when they refused to give them land The league said it was an illegal act and removed them from the League of Nations Soviets wanted expansion into Finland and protection for Leningrad Would giv
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