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Questions for reading on Jesuit Relations

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Western University
History 2201E

History 2201E Questions related to Father Jean de Brbeufs Of the Polity of the Hurons and of Their Government 1636 as translated and reproduced in The Jesuit Relations Natives and Missionaries in North America by Allan Greer 2000For this book University of Toronto historian Allan Greer has selected various excerpts from the multivolumed Jesuit Relations which the Jesuit missionaries produced annually to send back to France as an account of their efforts mainly in what is now Quebec and Ontario to convert the native people to Catholic ChristianityThe Jesuits accounts were published annually in Paris between 1632 and 1673Greer describes the Jesuit Relations as the most important set of documentary materials on the seventeenthcentury encounter of Europeans and native North Americans p1For the best part of fifteen years Brbeuf lived among the Hurons in the Georgian Bay areaHe died in Huronia in 1649 when the Iroquois exterminated the settlement In this translated excerpt from his 1636 report Brbeuf who was expert in the Hurons Iroquoian language as well as in French Latin and Greek shows a close interest in their social organization and justice system His goal was to convert them to Christianity and he certainly thought European civilization was superior to theirs Nonetheless these observat
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