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American History Exam Review: Colonial America - Post-Revolutionary America

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History 2301E
Aldona Sendzikas

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American History Exam Review Colonial Americay Know why they came over and how they developed differently y Most colonials were looking foro Land o Religious freedom New England o Mineral wealth o Agriculture tobacco at Jamestown rice in North and South Carolina y Main Colonies o Virginia Jamestown o New England o Carolina o Understand the differences between Virginia and New England y New England o Puritans o City Upon a HillReligious utopia o Small farms o Own local government o King Philips War wars of extermination y Virginia o Economic Mecca o Own plantations o Make lots of money o More hierarchical aristocrats o Few women o Had to work with the Powhatan Confederacy very developed native group y Titubas Confession article o Her agency during the Salem witch trials o What caused itUsed confession to get out of trouble used preconceptions the European settlers had and changes them way to empower herself o Tituba a native slave not African o Gives access to a minority group o Played up the fears of the Puritans knew what would scare them the most to turn the attention away from herself y Native Relations o Strange Likeness Shoemaker o Natives and Europeans had more in common than thought but similarities highlighted the differences o Over time formed racial categories for each other o Sovereignty chiefs vs king o Remembering the past oral vs writing
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