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History 2301E
Graham Broad

Columbian Exchange the biological encounter of the old and new worlds Europeans brought to the new world disease horses cattle sheep swine chicken coffee sugar cane with them and brought back to Europe withthem corn potatoes beans tomatoes squash chocolate canoes hammocks Overall the exchange of crops enriched human diets and made possible enormous population growthGettysburg Address Speech made my Abraham Lincoln after the battle of Gettysburg Within this two minute speech A L invoked the principles of the declaration of independence and argued that the American Civil war was not simply a fight for the union but for freedom the freedom of all men who are created equalHe states that the living have a duty to the dead and the founders of the nation to ensure that the principles of the declaration of independence are achieved and that a government of the people by the people for the people survives New Deal This was the name of the economic plan implemented by Franklin D Roosevelt during the Great Depression of the 1930s This new deal involved more government involvement in the economy and was made up of different laws agencies public work programs business regulation and securing banks This new deal benifited working people small farmers and others at the low end of the economic scaleNew Deal Coalition FDR builds a basis of support for the democratic party including farmers union members northern blacks and women all who benefited from New Deal relief efforts This will form the backbone for the Democratic party until the 1960s Frontier ThesisMcCarthyism accusation of disloyalty treason etc without evidence McCarthy was a politician that accused several democrats of being communist during the 1950s Many middle Americans believed McCarthys accusations as they offered an explanation to the complexities of the Cold war Why else would the Soviets be such a threat if not for traitors within government employees There is a high level of paranoia during this Red Scare Korean Stalemate There is growing unhappiness with Democratics in power and Eisenhower is elected a republican Lend Lease A program to supply war materiel to the cash strapped British during the Second World War This was an attempt to appease international relations while remaining out of the war Great Society Idea Campaign of Lyndon B Johnson He ran on a campaign where there would be an end to poverty and racial injustice a place where Children could enlarge their talents and people renew their contact with nature Once elected in 1965 after being president after JFKs assassination he implemented a war on poverty social security Medicare This great society improved the lives of many Social Darwinism
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