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History 2403E
Anne Skoczylas

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Spain 1589-1660: Diego Velazquez 1596-1621: Philip III 1607: Financial crisis: interest payments were suspended and they searched for scapegoats (Muslims) 1609: 12 year truces with Netherlands hoping to end the Dutch war 1609-14: expulsion of Moriscos (remnants of old Muslim rulers before the conquest of Granada) 1618: Bohemian crisis led to fall of Lerma 1621-65: Philip IV, renewed Dutch war 1622: Junta de reformation re—corruption 1626-40: Union of Arms to deal with expense of 30 year war—some resistance 1627: Financial Crisis: interest payments and government loans suspended 1629: war of Mantuan, succession with France to protect Spanish road 1634: junta de ejecution: policy makers 1635: Further war with France when Richelieu declares war on the Spanish 1640: Revolts: Catalonia, Portugal, john of Braganza, john IV 1643: Fall of Olivares led to rapid decline 1648: Treaty of Munster with Dutch to signify the end of the 30 year war (peace of Westphalia) 1652: Push French out of Catalonia 1659: Treaty of Pyrenees: lands ceded to French ending the war with France when Maria Teresa m
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