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History 2404E
Eli Nathans

Topic WritersAuthors Key IdeasWealth and status important to success in education how you were treated th Late 19 century Britain still classbasedStatus didnt make one exempt form education needed it to Orwell Churchill Education advance further through society but it was a lot easier NipperdeyHow much money you have determines your quality of educationEntering phase of meritocracyFundamental part of classical liberalism is constant improvement of people this is done through educationRevelation after the Crimean War that they werent an equal footing industrially and politically with the rest of Europe Aspiring to be like western EuropeEx in Tolstoy aristocrats have EnglishFrench expressions which show their status in society superficialStarted the Duma comparable to the House of Commons but more aristocratic House of Lords German High Parliament etc to Lectures Tolstoy Russian Reform provide regional representation Empress Catherine Establishment of the Zemstvo House of Commons local council of nobles like what the French had before the Revolution allows more local authority Russia empire becoming decentralizedAbolition of serfdom resulted in the creation of the Mirs in 1861 communal land holdingsStart look to increase power through imperialismDeeply embedded antiSemitic feelings in western Europe of the th19 centuryAlso shows liberalism of the time Dreyfus was able to be a citizen Dreyfus Michael Burns Emile Zola and had a position of power despite being JewishAn emancipation citizen able to participate in a rank that was previously closed to all but the aristocrats
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