Chart of the different plagues covered in class

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History 2812E
Shelley Mc Kellar

Plagues OFATHENS ANTONINE JUSTINIAN GREAT ONE OF LONDON Dates 430-426 BC 165-180AD 541-750AD 1347- 1350 1665 Cause Associated with Most likely Brought by We know now BUBONIC the PeloponnesianSmallpox. Justinian's Troops. comes from Comes from War. State of war He is trying to bacteria Yersiniasomwhere ele very crowded, low expand his Pestis. Carried bthey know its supplies, low territory. Likely Fleas bathing. came with Grain BUBONIC coming. * Seen as possibly Ships. Spreads via tradeGrainaries rats from the Spartans Moves Along routes. like to hang out * Religious figures Trade Route. there argue it could be BUBONIC divine punishment. Understanding Thucydides Viewed through Humoral Thought to be theMiasma theory. describes the end of the world. at the time symptoms through the humoral Divine Divine wrath, the lens of humoraleory. People punishment. Galen. theory. * Seen asstill pray to Possibly the Contagion. possibly from thegods and apocalypse. Bad Spartans practice star alignment. * Religious figures Bad Vapour. argue it could befolkloric Reversal of natural divine punishment.edicine. balance of body. Responses to it People act People appeal Greek and Flagellant Days of
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