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H e a l t h s c i e n c e s 1 0 0 1 a / b. Hs 1002 lecture 2 (cid:862) ocial model of health(cid:863) Key ideas: lifestyle factors, biomedical model, cartesian dualism, social model of health/ social determinants of health, public health/ social medicine, epidemiology, negative vs. positive definitions of health, disease vs. illness, health indicators. Lifestyle is a dominant discourse on health (way of thinking about health) in north. American and westernized societies: lifestyle is often the reason given for good or poor health. A social perspective on health focuses on social systems and social conditions including the health of groups and populations: relationships between macro-level social structures and micro-level experiences of health. Income and health are correlated, social status and health are correlated, education and health are correlated, etc. Social determinants of health can include: housing, job security, education, income, social safety net, aboriginal status.