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Health Sciences
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Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

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Main concepts Obesity and weight management Obesity is linked with hypertension, type 2 diabetes, CV disease, osteoarthritis and cancer Nearly double the amount of men are overweight than women (41% to 27%) Nearly same amount of men and woman are obese (19% and 18%) How do i stop gaining weight is more important than how do i lose weight. Stigma- a set of negative and unfair beliefs people have about something -obesity is a societal problem -people think that when they stigmatize obesity, they are helping -doctors make unnecessary comments and people in the workplace are discriminated against -fighting obesity does not mean fighting people affected by obesity -need to attack the issue not the people -woman experience more weight bias than men 20% of children are overweight and 11% are obese, was 15% back in the day linked to an overall reduced social well being 85% of children with T2 diabetes are overweight obesity tracks into adulthood and runs in the family, it is important to intervene at a young age some weight problems are related to lifestyle need to adopt healthy behaviours in early adulthood Freshman 15 is a lie Low self esteem and negative emotions often accompany weight problems -people have unrealistic goals Food is used as a coping mechanism Body image consists of perceptions images thoughts attitudes and emotions Phycological wellness = positive body image negative body image= restrictive dieting and compulsive eating average model is thinner than 95% of the population -people are dissatisfied with their ability to achieve ideals Self esteem and body images are influenced by social interaction by... -reflected appraisal (perceived reactions to what we think other people think) -the reactions of signigicant others are crucial -social comparison -rating ourselves in relation to others -based on standards set by others you can't change heredity yo -shape are weight are influenced by heredity yo YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE Chapter Five Body Requires Essential Nutrients -Protein -Fat -Carbs -Vitamins and Minerals -Water a calorie is actually 1000 calories and is the amount of energy that is used to raise 1L of water by 1degree proteins are in every living cell. make up muscles and connective tissue -made from chains of amino acids -you have a deficiency when you are missing an essential amino acid -there are 9 essential amino acids -foods that have all 9 are complete proteins -foods that have some are incomplete protiens -you can combine incomplete to get wat ya need proteins are more satiating than carbs, if you eat a protein with every meals dats gud if ya dont eat enough protein ya lose muscles Fats are a concentrated form of energy -makes food delish. (mouth feel) -helps absorb fat soluble vitamins ADEK -insulates our body yo -provides more cushion for organ pushin -we only see 40% of the fats we eat. seen in the form of linelaic and alpha linelaic acid (polyunsaturated) -saturated are usually solid at room temp and found in meat and cheese -monounsaturated are usually liquid at room temp and are in plants and shit like olive oil -Polyunsaturated are liquid at room temp and are in plants too like soybeans and corn oil Transfats are baaad, used in deep frying, manmade usually, "the softer the fat the better" LDL is bad cholesterol - low=bad found in saturated and trans fats HDL is good cholesterol- High=good found in monosaturated fats TRANS FATS ARE BAAAAAAD -unsaturated fats are good fir yir heart Carbohydrates are combinations of sugar units -used for energy -one or 2 sugars are 'simple sugars' eg. glucose and sucrose -a bunch are complex carbs (plants carbs) like starch -starches are important, found in grains potatoes and legumes (legumes rock) -grains have the germ, the endosperm and the bran -whole grain product has all layers -refined grain just has endosperm -white bread and rice are refined, ya lose out on major nutrients yo -whole grains digest slower makin ya more full for longer -low carb diets dont work, just lose water weight -hard to maintain bitch -eat complex whole grain carbs that are high in fibre Fibre is a non-digestible carb made by plants. -passes right through the intestinal tract and gives ya bulky poop -decrease risk of diabetis -ITS IN LEGUMES -soluble fibers bind to bile and reduce cholesterol levels -insoluble fibres absorb water and prevent constipation Vitamins are micro nutrients that are needed for normal growth, reproduction and health maintenance -act as enzymes that help with energy production, mineral growth, and tissue growth -13 essential vitamins, 4 are fat soluble (ADEK) -its bad to have too many of some vitamins -body doesnt make vitamins, you get em from food -malnurished just means vitamin deficient -eat a variety of foods Minerals are inorganic nutrients -5% of the body is nutrients -used mainly as structure (in teeth, muscles and hemoglobin) -used in muscle contraction, heart function and protein synthesis there are 17 minerals we need Macrominerals are needed in large amounts such as calcium and chloride -trace minerals are needed not so much like zink or iron Water is the most essential nutrient -used in digestion and absorption -controls body temp -youd die in a week without it -used in all of the bodies chemical reactions -80% of water is obtained from drinks, duh -all fluids (even coffee) count towards daily fluid intake -men need 13 and women need 9 Weight management -food is 80% of weight management -the best diet is one you can continue with forever -eat a meal or snack every 2-3 hours -meal skipping is bad -liquid calories are bad -try to have one home-cooked meal a week Canadas Food Guide -started with food company stakeholders, not experts and dieticians -combine physical activity with healthy living -tells you about portion sizes and quality -helps you meet needs for essential nutrients Four Food Groups- divided by age and gender. drink water VEGIES AND FRUIT 7-8 servings of vegetables a day for bitties and 8-10 for men -one serving is a half cup of fresh or frozen fruits or vegies (or one fruit) also 100% juice -eat at least one dark green fruit and one orange fruit (like a sweet potato ) -little to no added salt plz, get em steamed baked or stir-fried yo Grain Products -6-7 servings a day for the ladies, 8 servings FOR THE BOYS -one serving is one slice of bread or a half of a bagel or pita, or 0.5cup of
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