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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Shauna Burke

Main Concepts Pt 3 Breastfeeding The basics -human milk is specific. -a mothers mil is perfectly suited to her own baby -breast milk is the ultimate super food -its the only food a baby needs for 6 months after birth -gives a baby all its nutrients and fluids -protects the baby from bacteria the mother has been in contact with -breast milk adapts to the childs age -as the child changes, so does the composition of the infant -changes from nutrient dense milk to mature milk (whatever the fuck that is) -mature milk isn't interested in the childish things that colostrums milk is Hormones involved -estrogen -progesterone -prolactin -oxytocin Benefits - its what mother nature wants, you babies basically sucks if you don't Short Term Benefits Infection- reduces risk of infection in preterm infants by 50% -protects even regular babies from a bunch of shit Sudden Infant Death Syndrome- not breatfeeding increases chance of your baby dying from SIDS -36% risk reduction Mortality- not breastfeeding increases a child's risk of dying in infancy -in developing countries main problems are diarrhea and respiratory diseases Weight- not breastfeeding gives your child an increase risk of obesity Temperature and Respiratory Regulation -bottle feeding increasing risk for physiological instability Pain- breastfeeding and human milk are pain relieving Long Term Benefits Childhood Cancer- increased risk in lymphoma and hodgkins disease when a kid wasn't breastfed Asthma- not breastfeeding increases risk of asthma -27% decrease when no asthma was present in family -40% decrease when asthma was present in family Cognitive Brain Development -your baby is smarter, better IQ -more so in boys Type 1 and 2 Diabetes -formula babies have a higher risk of diabetes -reduced risk of type 1 diabetes by 39% Benefits for Mother -not breastfeeding is bad for you -not breastfeeding -increases blood pressure, diabetes, all the shit -increases risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, arthritis, depression -increases sleep disturbances -decreases postpartum weight loss Bottle Feeding -milk based formula is ideal for bacterial growth -one time a bad thing was found in powder formula -babies in Asia died because of this -a bunch died from renal failure -melamine was added to give it higher protein content, this is bad as well -soy formula is bad as well -bad water can be added to formula by accident -it costs money Breast Cancer -if cancer is low in a general population or demographic, they were probably misdiagnosed -7000 young people are diagnosed every year in Ontario -400 women in Ontario with breast cancer, 60 deaths -Cancer is the main cause of early death in young adult women -2/3 of these were breast cancer not much data on this age group most cancer in young adults seems to be random and sporadic -people need to know their bodies -unusual changes to skin breasts or testes -lumps in neck breast abdomen testes. Abnormal pigmented skin lesions -delays attributed patients or physicians inaction. -physicians don't diagnose because they think it's harder for young people to get cancer Stats 15-39 -close to 7000 young adults diagnosed with cancer in Canada -1000 women diagnosed with breast cancer -400 in Ontario -rates increased in the last 25 years -one in nine women will get breast cancer -need to improve early detection -to do this we need awareness -provide info on self detection team Shan did presentations and community events -not just a disease of older women -cancer in young adults is aggressive -birth control causes breast cancer, but helps with others -obesity smoking and drinking are risk factors Team Shan -purpose is to educate the public about early detection, risk reduction and prevention of breast cancer -goil is to increase early detection in young women and improve outcomes Drug Addiction Psychoactive- a blanket term to include drugs and other substances (something that fucks with your head) Drugs- a chemical other than food that affects the function of the body -Prescription Medication -Over the counter substances -Illegal Substances (what we usually consider drugs) Substance abuse- one of the following -use resulting in failure to fulfill responsibilities -use in situations where
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