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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1001A/B
Jessica Polzer

Chapter Three Notes Models for program planning in health Promotion The Generalized model, Pre-planning 1) Assessing needs: collecting and analyzing data to determine the needs of the population. Setting priorities and a priority population 2) Setting goals and objectives: What will be accomplished 3) Developing an intervention: How goals and objectives will be accomplished 4) Implementing the intervention: Putting interventions into action 5) Evaluating the results: Improving quality and determining effectiveness Patch Model Phase 1: mobilizing the community Phase 2: collecting and organizing the data Phase 3: choosing health priorities and target groups Phase 4: choosing and conducting interventions Phase 5: Evaluating the PATCH process and interventions APEX-PH Phase 1: organizational capacity assessment (internal assessment of strengths) Phase 2: the community process a) Collections and analysis of community health status data b) Collection and analysis of community opinion data c) Development of an action plan and goals and objectives Phase 3: Completing the cycle (implementation plan and evaluation plan) MAPP Phase 1: organizing for success and partnership development Phase 2: visioning Phase 3: four MAPP assessments Phase 4: Identify strategic issues Phase 5: formulate goals and strategies Phase 6: Action Cycle MAP-IT Phase 1: Mobilize Phase 5: Track Phase 2: Assess Phase 3: Plan Phase 4: Implement 5 Factors of selecting a Model 1) The preferences of stakeholders 2) Amount of time and funding available for the planning purpose 3) How many resources are available for data collections and analysis 4) Degree to which the program is partner or consumer oriented 5) Preference of the funding agency Three f’s of program planning Fluidity: Steps on the program build off one another. Flexibility: planning is adaptable to the needs of the stakeholders. Functionality: Outcome of the planning is improved health conditions. Precede-Proceed 1) Social assessments 2) Epidemiological assessment 3) Educational and ecological assessment 4) Administrative and policy assessment and intervention alignment 5) Implementation 6) Process
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