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Health Sciences 1002A/B

Main Concepts Pt 3BreastfeedingThe basicshuman milk is specifica mothers mil is perfectly suited to her own babybreast milk is the ultimate super foodits the only food a baby needs for 6 months after birthgives a baby all its nutrients and fluids protects the baby from bacteria the mother has been in contact withbreast milk adapts to the childs ageas the child changes so does the composition of the infantchanges from nutrient dense milk to mature milk whatever the fuck that ismature milk isnt interested in the childish things that colostrums milk isHormones involvedestrogenprogesteroneprolactinoxytocinBenefits its what mother nature wants you babies basically sucks if you dontShort Term BenefitsInfection reduces risk of infection in preterm infants by 50protects even regular babies from a bunch of shitSudden Infant Death Syndrome not breatfeeding increases chance of your baby dying from SIDS
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