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Main conceptsObesity and weight managementObesity is linked with hypertension type 2 diabetes CV disease osteoarthritis and cancerNearly double the amount of men are overweight than women 41 to 27Nearly same amount of men and woman are obese 19 and 18How do i stop gaining weight is more important than how do i lose weightStigma a set of negative and unfair beliefs people have about somethingobesity is a societal problempeople think that when they stigmatize obesity they are helping doctors make unnecessary comments and people in the workplace are discriminated againstfighting obesity does not mean fighting people affected by obesityneed to attack the issue not the peoplewoman experience more weight bias than men20 of children are overweight and 11 are obese was 15 back in the daylinked to an overall reduced social well being85 of children with T2 diabetes are overweightobesity tracks into adulthood and runs in the family it is important to intervene at a young agesome weight problems are related to lifestyleneed to adopt healthy behaviours in early adulthoodFreshman 15 is a lieLow self esteem and negative emotions often accompany weight problemspeople have unrealistic goalsFood is used as a coping mechanismBody image consists of perceptions images thoughts attitudes and emotionsPhycological wellnesspositive body imagenegative body image restrictive dieting and compulsive eatingaverage model is thinner than 95 of the populationpeople are dissatisfied with their ability to achieve idealsSelf esteem and body images are influenced by social interaction byreflected appraisal perceived reactions to what we think other people thinkthe reactions of signigicant others are crucial social comparisonrating ourselves in relation to othersbased on standards set by othersyou cant change heredity yoshape are weight are influenced by heredity yoYOU CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFESTYLE Chapter FiveBody Requires Essential NutrientsProteinFatCarbsVitamins and MineralsWatera calorie is actually 1000 calories and is the amount of energy that is used to raise 1L of water by 1degreeproteins are in every living cell make up muscles and connective tissuemade from chains of amino acids you have a deficiency when you are missing an essential amino acidthere are 9 essential amino acidsfoods that have all 9 are complete proteinsfoods that have some are incomplete protiens
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