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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B

Heath Science Final 2011Gender and the SDHHealth inequalities rooted in social inequalitiesoEconomic political historical gender discrimination social exclusionIntersectionality gender is a determinant of health that intersects with other determinants of healthNothing about biological sexWomen are sicker but men die quickeroMore comfortable going to the doctorFeminist analysis feminist movement in 1970soHow gender race and class intersect to produce different outcomesSex biological differencesGender socially constructed differencesGender roles what is appropriateWomen are more vulnerable to live on low incomes and in povertyoMore women are low wage earnersoMore older women live in povertyoWeaker attachments to labour marketLiving in poverty affects womens health oMaterial deprivationessentialsoAccess to health careoStereotypes mental healthoStress depressionSexual divison of labouroWage labour paid 95 tangibleoDomestic unpaid never done typically done by womenInvisible in economic analyses4 componentsLooking after familyChildbearing and childrearingHouseworkHousehold managementoFeminomics Marilyn WaringMales have greater access to power and resources than femalesRacial Health InequalitiesHealth outcomes vary by ethnicity or raceHealthy immigrant effectoIts not being Mexican that makes you unhealthy its being Mexican in AmericaRace and class intersect to produce health outcomesCorrelation between race and health statusRace social and political construct used to distinguish between rank and different groups of peopleoEnduring social categoryoNot a biological trait
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