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HSLecture1Page1Lecture 1 Introduction to the Social Determinants of HealthInstructor and TAs In personProf Polzeroffice hours on Tuesdays 100330HS 202 sign up or dropin come say hiBy emailYour TAs are your first point of contactStephanie Lagosky slagoskyuwoca surnames AbdihalimCouttsMatthew Lucas mlucas5uwoca surnamesCox JawandaSarah WoolmoreGoodwin swoolmoruwoca surnames Jefferies PriddleAlejandra Mendoza amendoz4uwoca surnames Pritchard ZuscanKey Concepts Social systemIndividualismPath of least resistancePerspectives on healthTop 10 List Picard SmokingEating a balanced dietBeing physically activeLimiting stressModerate drinking of alcoholLimit sun exposurePractice safer sexGetting a regular medical checkupDrive carefullyLearn first aidCPRBehaviour actions Its all on the individual Lifestyle as a Determinant of HealthLifestyle explanations of health are dominant in North American Western societieshowever research has consistently shown that social factors are better predictors of health than individual behaviours or lifestylesIdeology of IndividualismLifestyle explanations rooted in ideology of individualismIdeologya set of beliefs
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