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thJanuary 15 2013 Social Determinants of HealthAn Overview of Key Issues and ThemesPages 118Social determinants of health are the economic and social conditions that shape the health of individuals communities and jurisdictions as a wholeSocial determinants are the primary reasons as to if an individual stays healthy or becomes illSDOH determine the extent to which a person possesses the ability to achieve proper healthSDOH are about the QUALITY and QUANTITY of a variety of resources that a society makes available to its membersMany factors that determine an individuals health includeoConditions of childhood how you were brought upoIncomeoEducationoFoodoHousingoSocial services doctors dentist etcMainstream of SDOH is how society organizes and distributes economic and social resources to a communityLiving conditions are the primary determinants of healthStudies show that material and social determinants to which people are exposed to in their home play a bigger role in determining their health then habits such as using tobacco or alcohol eating fruits and vegetables and partaking in physical activity Many Canadians have little awareness on the importance of living conditions when discussing their healthSome studies show that things such as drinking coffee drinking white win watching too much TV eating peanuts etc can play a role in determining any medical conditionsMore Canadians need help understanding social determinants as well as educating themselves to improve their lifestyleA Historical Perspective on the Social Determinants of HealthFRIEDRICH ENGELS studied in the mid 1800s how poor housing clothing and diet led directly to infection and diseaseSocial conditions shape healthUK reports Black Report of 1992 showed that lower employment groups have a greater chance of suffering from disease and dying prematurely Public policy played a role in either increasing or reducing health inequalities
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