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Health Sciences 1002A/B
Shauna Burke

Woman Abuse Training Supporting Abused Women and Their Children 452012 25800 PM Why do people working with abused women and their children need to know about woman abuseIn Canada 1993 29 women physically assaulted by partnersIn Canada 2001 69 men killed current or exwives 52 prior year precarious traumasecondary trauma from hearing the stories told by somebody elsein 1999million children in Canada were reported to have heard or witnessed an assault on their parent in the preceding five years children are at greater risk of physical harm in families where woman abuse occursin a survey of over 6000 families in the United States 50 of men who frequently assaulted their partners also were reported to frequently abuse their children Routine Universal Comprehensive Screening for Woman Abuse RUCSMiddlesexLondon Health Unit has pioneered RUCS Protocol and recommended its adoption by medical practitioners in OntarioRoutine Screening done on a regular basis ie once per year when women come in contact with helping professionals whether or not indicators of abuse are recognizedUniversal Screening every woman over an agreed upon age is asked about her current or past experience of abuseComprehensive Screening women are asked whether they have experienced or are currently experiencing any form of physical sexual andor emotional abuse as children adolescents or adultsAddictions Agency80 of women screened reported abuseMental Health Community Support Programs Program A 100 of women screened disclosed abuse Program B 6080 of women screened disclosed abuse Program C 6080 of women with community support disclosed abuse 50of women who revealed abuse continue contact abusers Only 13 of abused women in Ontario access shelters
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