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Western University
Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Shauna Burke

Health Science 3 1252012 13600 PM Chapter 1 ContinuedTranstheoretical Model for Behaviour ChangeModel used to describe somethingDeveloped by Prochaska and DiClementeStudied individuals changing longstanding problem behaviours such as alcohol abuse smoking and gamblingIndividuals moved through 6 predictable stagesImportant to determine what stage you are at so that you can choose appropriate strategiesTranstheoretical Model Stage 1 PrecontemplationNo intention of changing behaviour within the next 6 months Stage 2 ContemplationAware of the problem and are starting to think and learn about itSee themselves taking action within the next 6 monthsUnsure how to proceed Stage 3 PreparationPlan to take action within a monthMay have started making small changes Stage 4 ActionPlans for change are implementedChanges are made and sustained for 6 monthsRisk for reverting back to unhealthy behaviourWhat the hell effectsomething suddenly happens to make the person say what the hell I give up and revert to their original unhealthy choices Stage 5 MaintenanceMaintained new behaviour for at least 6 monthsTypically lasts from 6 months to about 5 yearsIncrease in confidence and selfefficacy Stage 6 TerminationExited the cycle of changenew habits are well established and efforts to change are completeNo longer tempted to lapse into old behaviourNew selfimage and complete selfefficacy
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