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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 1002A/B
Shauna Burke

Health Science Class NotesMidterm September 11Lifestyle is a dominant discourse on health in North American Westernized societies refers to the way that we speaktalkrepresent issues ex Lifestyle biological discourse in health conflicts with causes of ill health are to do with environment lifestyle vs HealthIndividualistic Ideology ideology is a set of ideas social phenomena can be understood by individual or personal thoughtEnlightenment direct futures individualistic knowledge change of thought and less religion one can guide their own actionsresearch has consistently shown that social factors are better predictors of health than individual behaviours or lifestyles particularly at the group or population level of analysisSocial health and ill health are not distributed randomly but vary according to economic factors and other social factors richer countries live longer more socially stableLife expectancy good health careLow life expectancy with countries at warIt is historically contingent only during some parts of history changing lifestyle in 1970sYou can treat individuals for individual symptoms and modify behaviour however locating the health problem and treating the social conditions to promote health for entire groups and populations will help more Perspective mental outlook way of seeing point of view relationship between view and that being viewed education is an important factor always more than two sided all perspectives have limitsboundariesSocial perspective of health the medical and biologic side the individuals explanations are limited however and dynamic Root causes of illness and suffering are in social arrangements and inequalities a multidisciplinary field of study that involves examining the social political economic and cultural forces and factors that influence the health and potential wellbeing of groups and populationsIt is important to look at different social systems because everybody plays a different role for example teachers students etc important because power relationships and roles are structured by gender ethnicity social status they lay out paths of least resistance Social determinants factors that affect chances people will have to lead healthy livesCritical Pedagogy critical awareness empathy adopting a perspective of another curiosity reflexivity why do things make you uncomfortableHealth holos meaning whole Hippocrates 400BCdescribed health as a condition in which the functions of the body and soul are in harmony with the outside world Public health social medicine intervention through policy and programs to affect ones helath causes of many diseases are from the environmentAdvocates in the mid1800s Rudoph Virchow John Snow Engels the late 1800s had a shift from environment to in body medicine the germ theory where medicine took off and the biomedical model of health came about authoritative institutions upheldDefining features of the biomedical model specific etiology specific cause for specific disease see within body pathogens through microscopes MICRO hard to get broad view machine metaphor body is machine docs are mechanics factories industrial revolution etc mindbody dualism Cartesian Dualism look at bodyphysical as completely separate from spiritual mental Rene Descartes said the human body is an object o Limitations fallacy limited range of conditions that have a specific cause o Objectification physical is more important over the mental state patients treated as cases and numbers o ReductionismBiological Determinism MICRO reduce complex problems medical technique reduces understanding o Victim Blaming locate problem to individualsbehaviours brought this upon themselves o Latrogenesis new problems generated by biomedical intervention Illich ex chemotherapy making them sick trying to cure them from another sickness o More attention on disease rather than healthDefinitions of Healtho Negative biomedical model recognition of health when there is an absence of disease define health this way health is present when disease is not o Positive health is a result of optimizeimproveincrease health consider the whole person holistic see individuals and biological processes in social context focus on the factors and conditions that facilitate or promote health
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