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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2300A/B
Jamie Melling

Muscles of the head and neck Muscle Name Origin Insertion Innervation Function Picture Frontalis galea Skin of the Facial Nerve Raises the aponeurotica eyebrows (VII) eyebrow and wrinkles the forehead Orbicularis oculi Frontal and Skin of the eyelid Facial Nerve Winking and Maxillary blinking bone Zygomaticus Zygomatic Soft tissue of the Facial Smiling Major and Minor Bone corner of the mouth Orbicularis Oris Skin of the Muscles of the Facial Kissing lips angle of the mouth Risorius Fascia of the Skin at the angle Facial Draws the lateral chick of the mouth corner of the mouth laterally Depressor of Mandibular Angle of the Facial Frowning and Anguli Oris Angle mouth grimacing Platysma** Pectoral Mandible Facial Tightens the Major neck Buccinator Molar region Facial Chewing of the maxillae and mandible Occipitalis Superior galea Facial Pulls the nuchal line aponeurotica scalp posteriorly Masseter Zygomatic Mandible Trigeminal Raises the Arch mandible and chewing Temporalis Temperol Coronoid process Trigeminal Closes jaw bone of the mandible Lateral Pterygoid Pterygoid Temperomandibul Mandibular Protraction of process ar joint Nerve Jaw Medial Pterygoid Pterygoid Mandible inside of Mandibular Side to side Process the jaw Nerve movement Styloglossus Styloid Glossus Hypoglossal Retraction: Process (underneath the bring tongue tongue) backwards Elevates tongue Hyoglossus Hyoid bone Underside of hypoglossal Depresses tongue the tongue and draws it sidewards Genioglossus Innerside of Underside of the Hypoglossal Brings the `the mandible tongue tongue forward Palatoglossus Soft palate Underside of the Vagus Pushed the tongue tongue up against the palate Superior Oblique Commong Superior lateral Trocholear Medial tendinous eyeball rotation of the Ring eye Levator Palpebrae Commong Oculomotor Superioris tendinous Ring Superior Rectus Commong Superior Eyeball Oculomotor Elevation of tendinous the eye Ring Medial Rectus Commong Medial eyeball Oculomotor Moves eye to tendinous nose Ring (adduction) Lateral Rectus Commong Lateral eyeball Abducens Nerve Moves eye tendinous away from Ring nose (abduction) Inferior Rectus Commong Inferior Eyeball Oculomotor Depression tendinous Ring Inferior Oblique Medial Orbit Inferolateral eye Oculomotor Lateral surface surface rotations of the eye Superior Vagus Constricts pharangeal pharyngeal constrictor cavity Stylopharyngeus Medial side of Superior border of Glossopharynge Elevates the styloid the thyroid al larynx process cartilage Palatopharyngeus Posterior Posterior wall of Vagus Elevates margin of the the larynx larynx bony palate Middle pharyngeal Vagus Constricts constrictor pharyngeal cavity Inferior pharyngeal Vagus Constricts constrictor pharyngeal cavity Mylohoid Innerside of Hyoid bone Trigeminal Elevated chin hyoid bone Digastric Laterally attaches Trigeminal Elevate hyoid to the mastoid bone process Geniohyoid Inner surface Hyoid bone Pulls hyoid of the bone mandible superiorly and anteriorly Stylohyoid Styloid Hyoid bone Facial Elevates and process retracts hyoid Omohyoid Upper border Hyoid Cervical spinal Depresses of scapula and retracts nerves 1-3 hyoid bone Sternothyroid Sternum Thyroid cartilage Cervical spinal Pulls thyroid cartilage nerves 1-3 Sternohyoid Sternum Hyoid Cervical spinal Depresses nerves 1-3 larynx and hyoid bone Thyrohoid Thyroid hyoid hypoglossal Depresses cartilage hyoid bone Sternocleidomasto Manubrium of Mastoid process Accesory Nerve Rotates head id sternum and of the temporal to the medial bone opposite side clavicle Flex cervical vertebral column Anterior scalene Anterior Tubercle of the Brachial plexus Elevates the 98 tubercle of first rib first rib and the laterally transverse bends the process of neck vertebrae C3- C5 Middle Scalene 99 Posterior Upper surface of Brachial plexus Elevates the tubercle of the first rib first rib and the laterally transverse bends the process C2- neck C7 Posterior scalene Posterior Lateral surface of Brachial plexus Elevates the 100 tubercle of the second rib second rib the and laterally transverse bends the process C5- neck C7 Splenius Capitis Ligamentum Mastoid process Dorsal primary extends and 102 nuchae and rami laterally spine of C7- bends neck T6 vertebrae and head, rotates head to the same side Splenius Cervicis Ligamentum posterior tubercles Dorsal primary extends and nuchae and of the transverse rami laterally spine of C7- processes of C1- bends neck T6 vertebrae C3 vertebrae and head, rotates head to the same side Muscles of the Trunk Name of the Origin Insertion Innervation Action Muscle Erector Spinae Iliocostalis Ileum Ribs Dorsal Rami Maintain posture Longissimus Ileum Transverse Dorsal rami Extends and processes of laterally vertebrae bends the trunk, neck and head Spinalis Pelvis Transverse Dorsal rami Extends and processes of the laterally spine bends the trunk, neck and head Transversospinalis Intertransversarius Transverse Transverse Dorsal Rami Lateral flexion process process of the above Rotatores ** Spinous Transverse of the Dorsal Rami Rotate the process next vertebral column oppo. Side Mulfidus Spinous Skip one vertebra Dorsal Rami Lateral flexion process and attaches to and Rotation the transverse process of the next one. Interspinalis Spinous Spinous Process Dorsal Rami Lateral flexion process Transverse Linea alba Intercostal Flexes and abdominal Muscle nerves laterally bend
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