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Health Sciences
Health Sciences 2300A/B
Jamie Melling

Origins and Insertions of Muscles The Head Muscle Origin Insertion Innervation Functions Risorius Fascia over the corner of the The Facial blowing parotid gland mouth Nerve, Cranial muscle Nerve 7 Occipitofrontalis Epicranial Skin superior to Frontalis: Aponeurosis suborbital margin Raises (Frontalis) (Frontalis) eyebrows Occipital Bone Epicranial Occiptal: (Occupalis) Aponeurosis lowers (Occipitalis) eyebrows Obicularis Oculi Medial wall of the Circular path Closes eye - orbit around the eye winking/ blinking muscle Zygomatic Major and Zygomatic arch corners of the smiling Minor mouth muscles Orbicularis Oris Muscle fibers Skin at corner of whistling/ surrounding the the mouth kissing opening of the muscle mouth Depresser Anguli Mandible corner of the frowning Oris mouth muscle Platysma pectoralis major Mandible shaving muscle - tightens neck Buccinator Mandible corner of the side to side mouth jaw movement Muscles Of Mastication Muscle Origin Insertion Innervation Function Temporalis Temporal bone Coronoid Process Mandibular Elevates and Muscle of the Mandible division of the retracts the trigeminal nerve mandible (5) Masseter Zygomatic Arch Angle of the Mandibular Elevates the Mandible division of the mandible, trigeminal nerve closes the (5) mouth Buccinator Mandible and Blends with the Facial Nerve 7 side to side alveolar process fibres of the jaw of the maxilla orbicularis oris movement Deep Layer Facial Muscles Muscle Origin Insertion Innervation Function Lateral and Pteyoid process Lateral: Temporal Mandibular Medial: Medial Pteygoid Mandibular Joint division of the elevates and Medial: Mandible trigeminal nerve protracts (5) mandible, side to side Lateral: Depresses, protracts and moves mandible side to side Muscles of the Tongue Muscle Origin Insertion Innervation Function Genioglossus Inner side of the Bottom of the Hypoglossal pulls tongue chin tongue nerve (12) forward Hyoglossus Hyoid bone glossus Depresses and retracts tongue Styloglossus Styloid Process glossus Elevates tongue and curls it Palatoglossus Palentines glossus vagus nerve (10) Elevates tongue against the soft palate Muscles of the Eye Muscle Origin Insertion Innervation Function Superior Rectus Common Superior part of Oculomotor nerve moves eye Tendinous Ring the eye (3) upwards and intorsion of the eye Inferior Rectus Common Inferior part of Oculomotor nerve moves eye Tendinous Ring the eye (3) downwards and extorsion of the eye Lateral Rectus Common Lateral side of Abducems nerve Moves eye Tendinous Ring the ey (6) laterally Medial Rectus Common Medial side of Oculomotor nerve Move eye Tendinous Ring the eye (3) medially Superior Oblique medial orbit superior eye Trochlear nerve Moves eye (4) downwards and outwards Inferior Oblique maxillary bone inferior eye Oculomotor nerve Moves eye (3) upwards and outwards Levator Roof of the orbit tarsal plate of Oculomotor nerve raises upper Palpebrae upper eyelid (3) eyelid Muscles of the pharynx (throat) Muscle Origin Insertion Innervation Function Palatopharyngeus hard palate Thyroid Vagus Nerve (10) Elevates cartilage larynx and pharnyx and closes nasopharnyx Stylopharyngeus Styloid process Thyroid Glossopharyngeal Elevates cartilage nerve (9) larynx and pharyx Inferior Constrictor Cricoid and median raphe Vagus Nerve (10) contricts thyroid of the pharynx pharynx - cartilages allows for food to be pushed downwards Middle Constrictor horns of the median raphe Vagus Nerve (10) contricts hyoid bone of the pharynx pharynx Superior Constrictor Pteryoid median raphe Vagus Nerve (10) contricts process of the of the pharynx pharynx sphenoid bone Anterior Neck Muscles Muscle Origin Insertion Innervation Function Geniohyoid Inner surface of hyoid bone First cervical Elevates and (suprahyoid) the mandible
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