Health Sciences 2700A/B Study Guide - Final Guide: Vocal Folds, Identity Formation, Impulsivity

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Adolescence is the transition between childhood and adulthood. Beginning of adolescence is marked by puberty a flood of biological events leading to an adult-sized body and sexual maturity. Theorists explained the impact of puberty on psychological development by resorting to extremes. 20th c: theorists saw adolescence as a storm-and-stress perspective. Hall : saw adolescence as a very turbulent period; much like the era where humans evolved from savages into civilized human beings. Anna freud: teenage years are biologically based, developmental disturbance . Contemporary: storm-and-stress notion of adolescence is exaggerated. Yes, there are more incidences of eating disorders, depression, suicide and lawbreaking in adolescence than in childhood But, the overall rate of psychological disturbances only increases slightly from childhood to adolescence. Margaret mead: social environment is entirely responsible for teenage experiences. Eg: in samoa island, the culture is very relaxed and very open to sexuality, so adolescence is perhaps the pleasantest time for a samoan girl .