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Unit 2Chapter 14Electrical Hazards SummaryElectricitythe flow of negatively charged particles called electrons through an electrically conductive material Electrical Hazard Recognition SightsObvious equipment damage smoke flames sparks alternating power dipssurges waterSoundsCrackling sizzling drastic change in transformer hum SmellsSmoke burnt insulation or rubber acrid Flexible CordsDont tie knots in cords Unroll cords completelyDont crush cord in door jams under vehicle traffic or under equipmentSources of Electrical Hazards short circuits are one source another being water which decreases the resistance of materials including humansresistance of wet skin is lower than dry skin and the lower the resistance the higher the current flowelectrical shockmain sources of shock includebare wire carrying currentelectrical equipment wo UL label for safety inspection or equipment that hasnt been groundedalso working with equipment on damp floors static electricity charge using metal ladders to work on electrical equipment provide direct line or wo power shut offlighting strikesCombustible and Explosive Materials if a conductor is not capable of carrying a current o
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