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Unit 1 Section D Legislation IRS and Corporate CultureImpact of Political SystemsstGermany 1884 passes the 1 compulsory Workers Compensation legislation Austria1887 Norway 1894USA 1962 Pres Kennedys message to Congress 4 Rights of Consumers safety informed choose be heard Kennedy 50 yrs ago tried to put legislation in place similar to what we are still trying to put in place today ie Putting in laws to put warning on our asbestos that we sell to other countriesEuropeexpect govt involvement Economic decision making largely carried out by govtUSAexpect self determination Reaganomics restrain growth of govt regulation Govt is the problem USA tend to Deregulate laws Reagan did this a lot and same with Bush deregulate leads to putting the power back into the big businesses USA expects selfdetermination and not regulation from the governmentCanadaaccept govt involvement Regulation often seen as cure for problems Ronald ReaganGovt is not the solution to our problemsGovt is the problem 1981What will Obamas legacy be In the ILO clip we here Obama saying there is nothing more fundamental to Americans than a good paying jobCanadian LegislationFEDERAL applies to ALL provincesCodes Canada Labour Code RightsDuties of Federal Employees Criminal CodeStatutes written laws passed by the Federal or Provincial Parliaments Acts Transportation of Dangerous Goods ActRegulationsPROVINCIALStatutes Acts GENERAL Occupational Health and Safety Act Workplace SafetyInsurance ActRegulations SPECIFIC In Industrial EstablishmentsCodes Building Code Fire CodeMUNICIPAL City levelBilawsCodes Non Regulatory GuidanceStandards developed by Canadian Standards Association CSACSA triangle on safety boots is a standard not a regulation and not a law it just helps u comply with the legislation and it means u can drop 50 lb weight and u wont get hurtAmerican Conference of Governmental Hygienists ACGIH USA Chemical Safety Board CSB USAIndustry Standards Developed by associations of employersCompany Codes of Practice Developed by individual companies of groups of companiesFEDERAL CRIMINAL CODEThe Westray Mine Disaster they blocked methane detectors bc was annoying n kept goin offAll 26 miners die in explosion52 Provincial OHS charges laid then withdrawnCriminal charges laid but stayed Lack of disclosure CEOPublic Inquiry ordered halted then reinstated74 recommendations73 legislation to ensure corporate executives and directors are held properly accountable for workplace safetyBill C45 this law came intact 12 yrs after the factEnforced by Police ServicesS2171 says anyone directinghas authority over another to perform a task is under legal duty to prevent bodily harm to that person from that taskProtection of workers students publicReasonable steps to prevent bodily harmImplicationsHigher individualorganizational OHS legal riskNo insurance for OHS criminal negligenceIncreased importance of AccidentsIncidents AI preventionDue Diligence not a defense in criminal charges It is a defense for the provincial statute OHSALawyers suggest it is mandatory to develop OHS management system Defense for both OHSA and Criminal CodeCriminal Code PenaltiesBased on severity of outcomeInjury10 years imprisonmentFatalitylife imprisonment
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