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Chapter 7Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System and Transportation of GoodsSummary Dangerous one of the basic rights Canadians have is the right to know what hazard they me be exposed to on the jobWHMIS allows workers to know about chemical hazards which are present in all working environments and not just industrialWHMIS provides employers and workers with the information needed to handle and use these potentially harmful products safely it is a Canada wide system and developed under the coop of the industry labour and government Controlled productsare identified under the federal hazardous products act whose use and handling are controlled under the WHMIS legislation the effects of these products include rash burns organ damage cancer and even death Supplier and workplace labels are required on all controlled products used or stored in workplaceeach product must have a Material Safety Data SheetMSDS which provides workers with detailed info on properties and safe handling requirements Worker training is the last component of WHMIS training on how to decipher info provided on the labels WHMIS LEGISLATIONdeveloped through federal and provincial governments Federal concerns ensure that suppliers and manufacturers of controlled substances provide info to be used through labeling and MSDS Provincial Concerns employers obtaining adequate info on
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