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Unit 2A Chapter 10Mechanical Hazards and Machine Safeguarding plus Lecture 2AOntario Legislation for Guarding in General can be found inConstruction ProjectsHealth careResidential FacilitiesIndustrial EstablishmentsMachine Guardingfound in Industrial Establishments and only tells u what performance measure you have to meet but doesnt tell you how to do it specifically Mechanical Hazardsassociated with power driven machines whether automated or manually operatedeven with all the advances in safeguarding these hazards still huge concern Ie an unguarded industrial mixer is an entanglement hazardCommon Mechanical Injuries injury that have occurred due to misuse of a power driven machine these types of injuries includeCutting and Tearingoccurs when body part comes in contact with sharp edge seriousness depends on how much damage is done to the skin veins muscles and bones Shearingresults from forces being applied to a body by 2 contacting parts moving parallel to the planeof contact like paper cutter amputate fingers and hands Crushing wen part of the body is caught between 2 hard surfaces that progressively movetogether thereby crushing anything between themthere are 2 Types of these hazardsSqueeze point when theres 2 hard surfaces with one being in motion come together Run in point 2 objects at least one is rotating come progressively closer ne gap between them doesnt have to b completely closed only needs to b smaller than the body part lodged in ie belt pully or pizza dough machinenip pointsspot where finger clothes hair can get caught inBreakingcaused by machines used to deform engineering materials break in bone which is called a fractureSimple fracturebreak in bone that does not pierce to the skinCompound Fracture bone pierces through surrounding tissue and skinIncomplete Fracture leaves bone in one piece but its cracked Transverse Fracturebreak straight across boneOblique Fracturediagonal Comminuted Fracturebone breaks intoof small pieces at point of fracture Straining and Spraining Strainoverstretched muscle and Sprainresult of torn ligament both cause swelling and pain
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