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Western University
Kinesiology 1080A/B
Matthew Heath

Kinesiology Final Exam Attention as a Filter Considers attention to be a fixed and undifferentiated capacity but mediated by1 Arousal and Anxiety Level2 Specific Task Demands3 SelectivityArousal The level of activation or excitement of the CNS varies widely from very low during sleep to very high during threat to self Can be aroused physiological and psychologicalWith different types or activity andsports you want to have different levels or arousal when comparing physiological and psychologically Good to have an optimal arousal level not overexerting one self but not under performingSpecific Task DemandsThe environment of a performer can influence capacity of attention resourcesDuring a task you can change the amount of attention you have for it it can be specific for different sportsSelectivityConscious controlvisual searchUnconscious control environment stimuli cueing Exogenous orientation of attention is involuntary low level motor control involves subcortical structuresEndogenous orientation of attention is voluntary high level motor control involves the cortex Attentional Capacity and Instruction a Attention directed toward the initiation and sometimes termination of a movement constraintsb Automate elementary components of a skill prior to integrating additional movement constraints Leavitt 1979 TEST Put practice to the test by having six different age groups performing in each of four experimental conditions Skating only skating and identifying geometric figures skating and stick handling and all threeThe speed was examinedHe found that skating impacted the stickhandling task up to 14 yrs therefore he found that skating is attention demanding Coordination and Attention Bimanual coordination simultaneous movement of the two hands1 Two hand seem to be linked together 2 Timing structure of the two hands is the same Finger flexion taskwiggling fingersYou will eventually fall into phase because you are unable to perform two distinct movement patterns Memory SystemsDr Heaths FAVOURITE Study David Weismann Study Neural correlates of focuses versus lapsed attention Ex why you put cheerios in the fridge and the mild in the cupboard He was interested in Attentional control 3 areas in the right hemisphere The right inferior frontal gyrus IFG stimulustrigger attentionThe right anterior cingulate cortex ACC involved in conflict resolutionThe right medial frontal gyrus MFG maintaining task goals in working memory He caused the patients to have a lapsed attentionthese 3 areas had very low levels of activation when there wasnt lapses in attention the 3 areas are robustly activeWhen rmfg activated related to the occipital cortex initial visual processing and became very active as wellThis study was one of the FIRST studies to deal with back projectionsMemory is the capacity of individuals to retain and utilize information in various ways for various periods of time1 Acquisition2 Retention 3 Retrieval Comprised of three systems1 Short term sensory store memory2 Shortterm memory 3 Longterm memoryYou have to acquire a new memory once you have a memory in your long term memory it is locked in there forever but sometimes retrieval is hard because you havent locked down the neural pathways practice is required1 Short term sensory store STSS Brief duration Large capacity VeridicalPrecategoricalHow can we determine the existence of a STSS Sperling 1960 He flashed a series of numbers for 40 MS and people couldnt remember any of them so people thought there was no shortterm memory Sperling changed this by adding an auditory tone during or after the letters here
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