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Midterm # 1 Notes All notes up to the first midterm ( approx October, 22 / Notes are properly formated ( bullets, spacing , highlights) Notes also include all diagrams and graphs that La Rose likes to include. Also includes ALL exam topics covered. Notes

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Western University
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Robert La Rose

Sport P Lec 1September1310837 PM Objectives of Sport and Exercise PsychologyA Consider how psychological factors effect an individualB How participation in sport and exercise effects an individual psychological development health and well beingComprehensive Objective Obtaining an understanding throughdescription explanation and predication of the behaviourBehaviour a unique way of responding to all stimuliPerformance goal directed behaviour for the purpose of short term execution of a discrete task 1 Behaviour behaviour of athletes determines by the environment 2 Psychophysiological study impact of physiological responses to activity on behaviour3 Cognitive Behavioural behaviour determines by ones interpretation of both environment and cognitionsthoughtsProfessional ApproachesClinical Counselling eating disordersCrisis Intervention Psychological assessmentPerformance enhancementConsultation and program developmentPrevention and treatment of injuriesSport Psychologist VS ConsultantWhat is Sport PsychologyTo understand human behaviour and performance in sport and exercise what factors do we need to studyVisualAuditoryExperientialKolbs learning cycle 1 Concrete Experience CE actual4 Active Experimentation AETRY OUT ELSEWHERE 2 Reflective ObservationRO Think about what happened 3 Abstract Conceptualization AC make sense of itMethod ways of knowingScientific method experimentsSystematic ObservationSingle case studyShared public experienceIntrospectionthoughts and feelings wwwhumankineticscom Sport P Lec 2September1510916 AM Ways of knowing in sport psychologyAny systematic study of sport psychology should include the following stages 1 Observationdescription what is Identify or define the essential characteristics2 Explanationanalysiswhy Attempt to provide reason for the findings in stage 13 Predictionwhat will beUse the knowledge obtained to predict future occurrences4 Control how can we What can we control to change the behaviour or performance Scientific Method Founded on the concept of Objectivity lack of biasresearchers are detached observers and manipulators of natureIt is a process or method of learning that uses systematic controlled empirical and critical filtering of knowledge acquired through experienceSix steps of the Scientific Method1 Formulation of a specific hypothesis
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