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Kinesiology 1088A/B
Bob Larose

Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology 20131021 1213 PMChapter 6 Objectives of Sport and Exercise PsychologyA How psychological factors effect physical performance in sport exercise Goal setting ect B How participation in sportexc effects individual physiological development health and well being Comprehensive ObjectiveGet an understanding through description explanation and prediction of behaviour and performance of individuals or groups in sportexc Behaviour a unique way of responding to all stimuli Performance goaldirected behaviour for the purpose of short term execution of a discrete task Orientations to Sport and Exercise Psychology Behavioural behavior of athletes determined by the environment under tension they make mistakes ex championship matchPsychophysiological study impact of responses to activity on behaviourtense up musclesCognitive Behavioural behaviour determined by ones interpretation of both environment and cognitions thoughtsProfessional Approaches Clinical counselling eating disorders medical standpoint Crisis Intervention slumpbustingPsychological Assessmentthoughts behaviours interviews forms filled outPerformance enhancement Consultation and program developmentchanging the way they think about their performancePrevention and treatment of injuries effects after an injury more cautious Sports Psychologist vs ConsultantPsychologistmedical doctorsConsultant refers patient to medical psychologist Sports Psychology if we want to understand human behaviour and performance in sport and exercise how do we go about studying them and what factors should we include in the study How do we learn o Visual demonstrateo Auditory hearing how to do something o Experiential actually perform the act over and over Kinesthetic Learning requires change Example of learning process A KOLBS LEARNING CYCLE o 1 Concrete experience CE actual feeling o 2 Reflective observation RO watching what happenedo 3 Abstract conceptualization AC making sense of it thinkingo 4 Active Experimentation AE try out elsewheredoing MethodsWays of knowing Scientific methodexperiments Systematic observation Single case study observing one person Shared public experience asking other people and getting their response to get a general ideaIntrospection thoughtsfeelings own experience Intuition tacit knowledgeSept 11 Lec 3Ways of knowing sports PsychologyAny systematic study of sport psychology should include the following stages o Observation and description what isUnderstand how feeling good helps performanceDescribe situationIdentify or define the essential characteristicso Explanation and analysis whyAttempt to provide reason for the findings in stage 1o Prediction what will beUse the knowledge obtained to predict future occurrences o Control how can weHow can we manipulate environment ect to obtain desired outcome What can we control to change the behaviour or performance Scientific Method o Founded on the concept of objectivity lack of bias researchers are detached observers and manipulators of natureo It is a processmethod of learning that uses systematic controlled empirical and critical filtering of knowledge acquired through experience Six steps of the scientific method 1 Formulation of a specific hypothesis2 Design of the investigation test hypoth 3 Accumulation of data 4 Classification of data5 Development of generalizations 6 Verification of results retesting These steps provide scientists with a way of collecting reliable and valid internal data that can then be used to develop generalizable theories and laws of human behaviour However this is a slow and conservative process that often lacks external validity practicality
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