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Glen Belfry

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Lecture 1 Pulmonary Ventilation - This system is involved in the uptake portion of VO2 - As involved in the removal of CO2 - Important in acid-base status (CO2 + H) o Bicarbonate buffering system - Exchange of gas between lungs and blood happens only at alveoli - Dead space = everywhere where gases are not being exchanged - Residual volume =lungs - Air in through nose to mouth, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchioles  dead space - Respiratory bronchioles and alveoli = gas exchange Lung Structure and Function - Lungs simply improve on simple diffusion (O2 in, CO2 out) - They are suspended in pleural sacs o Have double wall: parietal pleura – lines thoracic wall and visceral pleura lines out aspects of lungs - Pressures inside the lungs are known as intrapulmonary - Pressures outside the lungs but inside the thorax are known as intrapleural Pleural Space - Between plueral sac and thoracic cage has fluid film that reduces friction during respiratory movement Mechanics of Ventilation - Action of diaphragm and costal muscles affects intrapleural and intrapulmonary pressures leading to inspiration and expiration - Inspiration o Diaphragm and external intercostal muscles o Ribs and sternum moved by external IC’s o Ribs swing up and out o Diaphragm contracts (pulls down), flattening abs - Pressure in lungs is decreased allowing for pressure gradient, therefore air moves into the lungs - Expiration o Passive involves relaxation of inspiratory muscles o Diaphragm relaxes (moves up), external IC’s relax o Elastic nature of lungs force lungs back to normal Elastic Lung Properties - Like a balloon - Lungs expand, increases tendency to become smaller (elastic recoil) Graph - Inspiration/expiration o Can occur at any time, movement of air in/out of lungs (rest or exercise) o Inspiration longer to occur
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