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Kinesiology 3339A/B

This practice quiz is setup exactly like the actual midterm (although there are fewer questions). In order to minimize the uncertainty with respect to what to expect on the midterm give it a try. The answers are at the end. Kinesiology/Foods & Nutrition 3339 Exercise Nutrition Practice Midterm (Version 001) Name: ___________________ ID#: ________________________ Please make sure that you have an HB pencil. Then, fill out the information at the top of both the question and answer sheet. Be certain to include the Quiz version number on your answer sheet. For questions 1-10 any number (one or more) of the responses given could be correct. Fill in only one bubble (A,B,C,D, or E) on the answer sheet using the following key. (A)if only a,b, and c are correct (B)if only a and c are correct (C)if only b and d are correct (D)if only d is correct (E) if ALL are correct Note: To minimize errors in responding it is highly recommended that you circle the correct response(s) on the test page and then later, after checking your work, refer to the key and fill in the correct bubble. 1. Which are the following are indispensable nutrients? a. fats b. vitamins c. minerals d. CHO 2. The RDA: a. represents the requirement for a particular nutrient b. was determined by a North American scientific committee c. includes serving sizes of essential foods d. is based on the amount of a nutrient necessary to elicit metabolic balance plus a safety margin 3. Canada’s Food Guide a. includes low fat options b. has 4 groups c. includes a variety of serving sizes for different situations d. is based on a pyramid model 4. The Food Exchange System: a. has 4 food groupings b. was developed originally for diabetics c. uses a pyramid as its model d. groups foods with similar amounts of energy, fat, CHO, & protein 5. Skeletal muscle can regenerate ATP from: a. CHO b. fat c. protein d. glucose 6. CHO supplementation is likely to enhanc
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