Kinesiology 1080A/B Study Guide - Comprehensive Final Guide: Spinal Disc Herniation, Discriminant, Alpha Motor Neuron

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Patient is conscious and awake but cannot communicate due to paralysis of nearly all (or sometimes complete) voluntary muscles. Frequently caused by damage to specific portions of the lower brain stem. Brain stem responsible for heart rate and breathing, depends on the damage if the patient cannot breathe or eat on their own. M1 doesn"t just take commands form areas of the brain neuron. Has direct projections from the m1 to the spinal cord and to an alpha motor electrical stimulation for a longer period of time- Worked with monkeys and found that if you hold the. Where the dots start is where the hand starts. Example a: no matter where the hand starts, if provide a prolonged electrical stimulation, the hand always goes to the mouth in a feeding pattern. Example f: evidence of a defensive movement you"ll get more complex movement. These examples are all primitive types of movement .