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Midterm # 1 Notes All notes up to the first midterm ( approx October, 22 / Notes are properly formated ( bullets, spacing , highlights) Notes also include all diagrams and graphs that La Rose likes to include. Also includes ALL exam topics covered. Notes

Course Code
Kinesiology 1088A/B
Robert La Rose
Study Guide

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Sport P Lec 1
8:37 PM
Objectives of Sport and Exercise Psychology
A] Consider how psychological factors effect an individual
B] How participation in sport and exercise effects an individual psychological
development, health and well being
Comprehensive Objective: Obtaining an understanding through :
description, explanation and predication, of the behaviour
Behaviour= a unique way of responding to all stimuli
Performance= goal directed behaviour for the purpose of short term
execution of a discrete task
1] Behaviour: behaviour of athletes determines by the environment
2] Psychophysiological: study impact of physiological responses to activity
on behaviour
3] Cognitive- Behavioural: behaviour determines by ones interpretation of
both environment and cognitions (thoughts)
Professional Approaches
Clinical Counselling: eating disorders
Crisis Intervention:
Psychological assessment
Performance enhancement
Consultation and program development
Prevention and treatment of injuries
Sport Psychologist VS. Consultant
What is Sport Psychology?
To understand human behaviour and performance in sport and exercise,
what factors do we need to study?
Kolbs learning cycle

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(1) Concrete Experience (CE)
(4) Active Experimentation (AE) ( TRY OUT ELSEWHERE) (2)
Reflective Observation ( RO) Think about what happened
(3) Abstract Conceptualization
(AC) make sense of it
Method/ ways of knowing
Scientific method/ experiments
Systematic Observation
Single case study
Shared public experience
Introspection ( thoughts and feelings)

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Sport P Lec 2
9:16 AM
Ways of knowing in sport psychology
Any systematic study of sport psychology should include the following stages:
1. Observation & description (what is)
Identify or define the essential characteristics
2. Explanation & analysis(why)
Attempt to provide reason for the findings in stage 1.
3. Prediction(what will be)
Use the knowledge obtained to predict future occurrences.
4. Control (how can we?)
What can we control to change the behaviour or performance?
Scientific Method
Founded on the concept of Objectivity (lack of bias-researchers are detached
observers and manipulators of nature)
It is a process or method of learning that uses systematic, controlled, empirical, and
critical filtering of knowledge acquired through experience.
Six steps of the Scientific Method
1. Formulation of a specific hypothesis
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