Kinesiology 2236A/B- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 129 pages long!)

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Internal (predisposed) and external risk factors (susceptible) = mechanism of injury (inciting incident) One of the most important roles is to minimize activity related injury. If risk too high, people don"t want to play: ex. football. Need to make changes to decrease the risk of life threatening injuries. Can be characterized by being: primary, secondary, tertiary. We use the term prevention synonymously with primary prevention. Can focus on 1 of 3 dimensions: athlete (technique, neuromuscular function, conditioning, strengthen muscles, surroundings (floor/surface frictions, rules (head shot), coaching, drills, equipment (shoe friction (wont get caught and tear acl), protective properties) Defined as things to protect the athlete should a potentially injurious situation arise (fall, get attacked) Getting hit and hurt- happens after the injury. Focus on reducing the consequences of injury: athlete (know own body, rehabilitation, surrounding (have coaches trained in cpr, first aid, eap, emergency medical coverage, equipment (first aid equipment on site, ambulance)