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Kinesiology 2241A/B Midterm: Lab #2Exam

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Kinesiology 2241A/B
Thomas Richard Jenkyn
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KIN 2241A November 5th,
Introductory Biomechanics
LAB #2
Cassandra Barry 250987870
1. The phase in which the jumpers center of mass is under the jumpers control is the phase in which they are on
the ground. This is because while the jumper is on the ground they are able to apply action forces to the
ground, causing said reaction forces to affect the pathway of the center of mass of the jumpers body. A soon
as the jumper is in the air, there can be no reaction forces and the center of mass of the overall jumpers body
follows a parabola.
2. When the jumper thrusts their leading leg and both arms upward, the position of the center of mass of the
overall jumpers body is also shifted upwards.
3. At the moment of take off the jumper pushes against the ground with their trailing foot toward the bar and
landing pad, creating a reaction force on the foot away from the landing pad and bar. That then creates a
torque about the overall jumpers center of mass that starts to rotate the body toward the bar and landing pad.
4. A) B)
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