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Law 2101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ant-Zen, Multiple Choice

Course Code
Law 2101
Mysty Sybil Clapton
Study Guide

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Exam Prep Notes
Saturday April 21st, 7:00 pm
o Alumni Hall
o 2 hours
o Multiple choice
o Counts for 37.5% of grade
o 59 questions + 1 bonus
o Only A-D for options
o Roughly proportionate to the number of lecture hours in the module
o Landlord/Tenant 10
o POA 5
o Property 5
o Family 5
o Contracts 11
o Employment 6
o Torts 12
o No headings/titles to what the exam question order is
o 2nd term only
o Some from text alone
o Some from lecture alone
o Most drawn from both sources
o Not trivial pursuit not trying to test on a tiny detail
o Cases be familiar with facts, know principles and NAMES
o Statutes be familiar with content, focus on ones emphasized in class
o Circle on the exam sheet and bubble
o Hand in BOTH sheets
Answer tips
o Read the exam FAQ (under evaluation info)
o NO E AN“WER“
o Prep with proper quiz use
o Some of the cases will give you a little tidbit to remember what happened
Sample questions:
o For an existing tenant, how often can landlord increase rent in accordance with
the guidelie aout
Every month
Every 3
Every 6
Every 12
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