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Mathematics 1229A/B
Gordon Sinnamon

Everything you need to know about Math 1229 Everything you need to know about Math 1229 What are vectors? Vectors are things withdirection and length. “12 miles in the north direction” represents a vector. “10 inches” does not represent a vector (since it doesn't have any direction). If you're trying to picture vectors, think of them as arrows. Sometimes it's better not to picture things (you might end up making the problem seem harder than it really is) Adding and Multiplying Vectors To add two vectors, make sure they have the sam meberuof coordinates – you can't add (1, 2) and (2, 1, -3). Next, add the respective coordinates together: (1, 2) + (3, 4) = (4, 6). Vectors can be subtracted in the same way. “Scalar” is just a fancy word for number. To multiply a vector by a scalar, just multiph lyeoarcdinate by that number. For example, 4(3, 1) = (12, 4) (5, 10) (1, 2) (-5, -10) 2
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