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Medical Biophysics
Medical Biophysics 4475A/B
Maria Drangova

MBP 4475aMBP 9515aBME 9513a Final ExamFriday December 14 2010 9 amDuration2 hours ANSWER ALL 3 QUESTIONSuse a separate answer booklet for each sectionwrite the name of the instructor as well as your name on each bookletat the end of the exam place the question sheet and all booklets in the envelopedo not seal the envelope do not write your name on the envelopeAn aid sheet single side 85 x 11 hand written and a calculator are allowed 1MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING DRANGOVA24 MARKS6 11True or false Record the answers in your booklet a Superconducting magnets are the only type of magnet used to provide the main magnetic field of MRI scanners b A T1weighted image can be obtained with a spinecho sequence with long TR c Aliasing occurs only in the phaseencode direction d For a gradient echo image a flip angle much less than 90 is required e For the same pixel size slice thickness number of slices and total scan time the images acquired using a 3DFT acquisition will have a lower SNR than images obtained with a series of 2DFT acquisitions 31f P is one of the MRvis
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