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Medical Sciences
Medical Sciences 4930F/G
Robert Gros

CORONARY ARTERY DISEASE AND CELL MOTILITY – Study Questions 1. How does the rate of bypass correlate to the rate of coronary artery disease? How does this rate change between women and men? How does the rate change with age? 2. What is the importance of the smooth muscle in the function of arteries? 3. In which layer of the artery does lipid accumulate? 4. What is the important function of arterioles? What are they responsible for? 5. What is the important function of the postcapillary venules? 6. What are the two types of arteries? How do they differ? Where is each located and why? 7. What is the structure of a muscular artery? What is found in each layer? 8. What are the two types of extracellular fibers found in the arteries? How do they differ? What is the importance of each type? What happens during atherosclerosis? 9. What is the structure of an elastic artery? 10. How are endothelial cells arranged in arteries? Why is this important? What happens if the blood flow is disrupted? 11. What are the two ways molecules can cross the endothelium out of or into the blood? How does lipid leave the blood? 12. How do macrophages and neutrophils leave the blood? Which molecules are important for the passage of macrophage from the blood into the extracellular space? 13. How do monocytes leave the blood to become foam cells? Which molecules are required for this process to occur? 14. What is the in vitro model setup for transendothelial migration? 15. What happens to the endothelial cells as a monocyte passes between them? 16. How does the actin cytoskeleton regulate cell motility? What are the 3 types of actin required? Where is each located? Which two are the most important for cell motility? 17. Which GTPases are required
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