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Medical Sciences
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Medical Sciences 4930F/G
Robert Gros

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INTRODUCTION TO ULTRASOUND IMAGING – Study Questions 1. What is the purpose of medical imaging? What does it revel? 2. Why is ultrasound so popular? 3. How does ultrasound work? How are images generated? 4. What is the basic ultrasound operation? 5. What is an ultrasound wave? What type of wave is it? How does it measure? 6. What is a pressure wave a function of? 7. What are the units used to describe the mathematical aspects of ultrasound? What is their notation? 8. What is the importance of reflection in ultrasound? 9. What are the reflection and transmission fractions? What are the formulas to calculate each? 10. What types of tissues have stronger reflections? Which have weaker reflections? Why? 11. How does refraction differ from reflection? How is it calculated? 12. What is the importance of redirection in creating an ultrasound image? 13. What is attenuation? How does it affect ultrasound images? How is attenuation measured? 14. How is attenuation calculated? 15. Does absorption increase or decrease with higher frequency? Why? 16. What is a pulse-echo ultrasound? How does it differ from a regular ultrasound? 17. What importance does echo play in ultrasound pulses? What is echo time proportional to? 18. How are signals amplified in ultrasound? What is the degree of amplificat
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