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Media, Information and Technoculture 2159F/G Midterm: WEEK FIVE

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Media, Information and Technoculture
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Media, Information and Technoculture 2159F/G
Keir Keightley

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WEEK FIVE WEEK FIVE READINGS IT’S WHOSE THINGS? – WIESBARD • “Shout” epitomized what would become soul music, the sound of the black liberation o It was revived in Animal House as the ultimate white fraternity anthem • Jimi Hendrix became on of rock’s few black legends • The Isley Brothers did no remain favourites of the white rock audience o “Fight the Power” = a late black anthem o “Between the Sheets” = also earned them permanent spots in the hearts of African Americans • Black oriented radio became an institutional support of explicitly African- American expression • R&B was always underfunded, with high ratings not translating into high ad sales • “Shout” o Defining statement of Afromodernism o Viewed as infecting white Americans o But it is rooted in church practices and modernizes them LECTURE FIVE TIN PAN ALLEY • TPA as ‘place’ changes; moved to 49 street o TPA has dispersed around the world, but TPA as a mode of production/promotion remains • The TPA era is over • TPA first founded on publishing o The IP is the real money • ‘Tin-pan’ music was used to describe coloured-music by whites o Symbolic boundary • Charivari = ‘tin panning’ o The power of the mob to regulate behaviour done through exclusion • Pop Music o Used to mean we have popular (cheap) prices o 1913: pop meaning pop music o ‘American Roof’ review ▪ Two kinds of popular: popular created by business and popular from the people • Stuart Hall o We doubt our understanding of the popular o Is it from the people or from capital? “TIME AFTER TIME” – THE ISLEY BROTHERS • Extensional Development • Melody, harmony, song = focused on by the highbrow “MONA” – BO DIDDLEY • Intentional Development • Developed in terms of sound/rhythm • Criticism of African music by highbrows was that there was no elaboration • Bo Diddley o Patting juba, handbone = African rhythm o Takes African rhythm and modifies/modernizes it = Afromodernism BO DIDDLEY ED SULLIVAN PERFORMANCE • Tremolo = sound automatically goes up and down in volume, trembling sound technology • Ed Sullivan misclassifies Bo Diddley o Rhythm and vibe…and colour…and blues • Bo Diddley is a crossover artist (previously marginalized/segregated crossing over into pop) • The tremolo modernizes the patting juba MUSIC CHARTS • Divided by race, class and prominence • Bestsellers Chart (unmarked) vs. Race Music (marked) vs. Hillbilly Hit Parade o The norm is built into the language o New classi
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