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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 2200F/G
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3MIT 1700 A Brief History of OrderOrderHaving information is not enoughOrganizations makes sense of informationThree Orders of Organization Physical partitioning things go in there right placeMetadata Cataloguing systems spatially referentialDigital organization dynamic referential this allows information to be catalogued in a infinite amount of ways others are limited compared to this oneEven where we shop is technically an information organizational systemSpace is the enemy of informationSpace is manipulated ie milk and bread put far away from the entrance to get you to buy more things We like to put things together then split them apart We either lump or split information depending on popularDigital organization gives us the ability to store things simultaneously cannot do that with physical informationAristotle2300 hundred years ago his schema was that certain things can be put into certain boxes depending on similaritiesAristotle believed that all things would fit into this hierarchical system of categories Believed that the universe had a plan in mind created from the most complex or abstract to the simplest Deduced that things can be put into things that exist and dont existSays that humans can be put into the ideas that humans are rational and animals are irrational
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