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Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 3214F/G

MIT 1200 Midterm C-S-T-E-P – Lenses for which we discuss media Culture Society Technological Economic Politics Austerity Plebiscitarian – people think they’re more involved than they are, public sphere Gatekeeper – elements that stop us seeing things from the way they really are (media) Non-citizens – Everyone is not a white man that owns land Theorist Theory Key Points Lippmann Pseudo-  Earliest theoretical understanding of mass media Environment  Representation of the environment created by man/media/outer society o Abstraction/Mental map  Relationship between the “world outside” and the inescapable “pictures in our heads”  Human response/actions to the pseudo- environment o Operate in reality when action eventuate not where pseudo-environment is stimulated o Thomas Theorem: “Things perceived as real are real in their effects”  Pictures are more true  Collective and shared pseudo-environments overlap for common behaviour/understanding o Misunderstandings lead to conflict  Description: “How do we perceive real/false?” o Prescription: “Expert group (mass media/press) to determine what means what, organize public opinions)  “Whatever we believe to be a true picture, we treat as if it were the environment itself” (1922; 4) Human picture of scene (Pseudo Environment) Scene of the action Human response to the (the world, reality) picture of the scene/pseudo environment Wolff & Conceptual  Exists in minds – how everything in life is MIT 1200 Midterm Resnick Framework organized  Provides scaffolding for our evaluations & decisions o Theories shape our choices & decisions  Ex. Religion Bernays Public  Appointed onto the Committee on Public Info to Relations/Pro change popular opinion poganda o Turned citizens into consumers o Used psyche and propaganda to evoke emotional reaction and manipulate emotions  Pseudo-Event – Torches of freedom o Changed social taboo by correlating the idea of smoking with independence  Irrational, based upon emotional connect to a product Orwell Orwellian  Media are polyvalent (multiple meanings) tools o Used for ideological oppression & control  Popular taste/culture used as a controlling mechanism for an idealized consumer society  Destruction of history and language, channeling of energies into hatred/fear of outsider  Satire of totalitarianism and hierarchical systems, consequences of ‘age of mass democracy’  Example: Double think allows us to accept two contradictory thoughts Orwellian: Government censorship for the sake of control through propaganda, surveillance, misinformation, denial of truth, and manipulation of the past Hall (father Representatio  Culture is primary of cultural n o Additive studies) Meanings Meaning: A dialogue, can’t be fixed o True meaning depends on what people make of its representation o Language externalizes meaning o Representation is constitutive of the event, culture is how we give meaning to any event o True event  gap or re-presentation representation of the event as we know it o Images have no fixed meanings, multiples po
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