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Western University
Media, Information and Technoculture
Media, Information and Technoculture 3214F/G

Knight I See YouHiding out Staying LowBeing YouPanoptic SpacePaneverywhere Opticseeing Panopticon a form of social controlPrisons schools where you can see everythingare examples of panopticonsPerpetual surveillance but they dont know theyre being watchedoIf youre always being watched and unaware when you will govern yourself accordingly oPrisonsway to keep everyone in line by having them think theyre always being watchedIf you feel you can be seen by a minimum of people you always handle yourself you are always mediating yourselfpanopticHumans need privacyPg68 Now you are watching yourself hide behind a fallen treePg 54 Why did children say peepee and poopoo and giggleoChanges the way we see everything think that bodily functions are private but once you are able to see these blah blah the definition of obscene changes and media changes tooControlling the selfKeep your temper no one else wants itMedia as a deterrent the brother protecting his cheating sister from her husband who wants to kill herCamera surveillance in the city of London but what if they just put the sign Camera surveillance People would still change the way they behave Access to your personal information is available everywhereHaving a camera on every corner is no different from having a police on every corner but that is reminiscent of a police state and Canada isnt a police state or is itWhats wrong with cameras It changes the way we behaveoWhats wrong with camera if it puts the criminals in jailBut what if you are on the receiving end get drunk do something you wouldnt normally do just because you dont commit crimes doesnt mean the camera wont affect youThe Truth FinallyWhy does Smith continue after he finds out the implications of his technologyoCuriosityoPg61 Finding out Kennedys assassins o Smith finds out the truth that people have been wondering forever overwhelmedPg 61 the viewer is your babysitter telephone television etcoThe internet parallels the viewerSkins of LifeNo one reads fiction anymore because reality is more interestingNot nonfiction but Truth in I See You
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